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Support to Governance for Strengthening Peace & Democracy


Governance is a globally popular term.There has always been a debate of one or other form about about it. Human Rights and periodic election are guaranteed by Governance. Transparency and Accountability to the people are considered to the attraction of Governance. Good governance promotes equity, participation, pluralism, transparency, accountability and the rule of law, in a manner that is effective, efficient and enduring. In translating these principles into practice, holding of free, fair and frequent elections, representative legislatures that make laws and provide oversight, and an independent judiciary to interpret those laws come under it. Good governance always contributes to strengthen democracy and promote sustainable peace.
As we know that the greatest threat to good governance comes from corruption, violence and poverty, all of which undermine transparency, security, participation and fundamental freedoms in the developing country like Nepal. Governance is the one of the focused programs of the Jagaran Nepal aiming to contribute for strengthening democracy and ensuring sustainable peace. It has been launching Good Governance project in all five districts (Dolpa, Humla, Jumla, Kalikot and Mugu) of the Karnali Zone as well as in 3 VDCs of Sunsari district. It has also been supporting better implementation of government policy, provision,decision etc that will contribute to governance. Jagaran Nepal has been emphasising to implement program in partnership approach for localizing the issues as well as enhances the capacity of the local partners to ensure sustainability of the achievements. Moreover, Jagaran Nepal has initiated awareness raising program to create critical mass, conducted various actions for building capacity of the leaders (Local/National) and mobilized local resources to support for Strengthening Peace & Democracy. The major areas of the program are raising awareness on electoral education, governance, lobby and advocacy for effective implementation of the government policy, provision & decision, build capacity of the leaders on leadership development such as public speaking, communication, campaigning, governance as well as provide support to the conflict affected household. The below listed achievements have been gained so far in course of this program.
Major Achievements:
  • 150 Traditional leaders were trained on Human Rights, Good Governance, Electoral Education and mobilized for conducting similar trainings at the local level for the promotion of Good Governance at Grassroots and district level in all 5 districts (Mugu, Humla, Jumla, Dolpa and Kalikot) as well as selected 75 VDCs (15 VDCs from each district). Likewise, 2300 Potential leaders have been capacitated under this.
  • 180 local leaders of Karnali zone and Sunsari district were capacitated with Leadership, Electoral Education, Governance and Advocacy trainings.
  • 30 Potential leaders were capacitated on Leadership Development, Governance and Advocacy Skill and were mobilized to conduct training at VDC level.
  • 250 members of the Civil Society Organizations were trained on Election Observation and Gender Friendly Election Monitoring and were deployed in 11 districts along with 5 districts of Karnali for Election Monitoring during the time of 2nd CA election. 
  • Work in close coordination with government authority to conduct Vital Registration which provided the legal documents to the people of Karnali deprived of the facilities provided by the government as well as of using their Political Rights- to VOTE for getting the citizenship card (55 person), Social Security Card(43 person), Disable Identity Card(33 person).
  • Mobilized more than 500 volunteers of the civil society in 75 VDCs of Karnali region at the time of 2nd Constitutional Assembly Election for conducting Voters’ Registration, Electoral Education Campaign and assist at the time of election which led 3700 people to be listed in Voters’ Registration list with photo.
  • 3700 people were involved in awareness raising activity on electoral education and good governance in rallies(75 events) at VDC level as well as electoral education interaction programs in school and college( 75 school- each VDC each school and 10 college- each district 2 colleges).
  • Awareness raising about Democratic Governance at central and district level with Radio Programs- 5 in Karnali region, 1 in Sunsari, 1 in centre- Citizen FM and a TV program- Sagarmatha Television in the issues related to Electoral Education, Governance and Local Governance.