The English language program has supported me a lot

Radha Timilsina, central secretary and CA member of CPN- United is an active women politician from her student life. Her date of birth is 1959. She belongs to Rupatar VDC, Udayapur. She is a daughter of mother Bishnumaya and Father Chabilal Timilsina. She actively started her political career in 1975 being involved in Jhapa Movement and her party has given her several responsibilities as per the need of the party. She is interested in politics and educational activities. With the turnover in CPN- ML she shifted her political career to CPN- United. She is a women department chief of CPN-United.  

She feels that the trainings provided by Jagaran Nepal for central level women political leaders was really supportive. She shares “Due to the impact of Jagaran Nepal’s trainings on English language and computer, I have self realization that something to be learnt for empowerment. The English language training has supported me in writing. I have some problem in English speaking reason why I am taking initiative to learn English from my sides alone. Me, being a single women representation form my party, should go to the foreign countries and should face the international seminars and meetings. Thus, I must speak in English on such environment. That’s why, I am initiating for having an English spoken course, which really is the inspiration of Jagaran Nepal itself.”
She feels that her intimacy to computer has further enlarged. She says," I can type in both English and Nepali and command for the print with all page setting. Not only this she can easily open her email, check her inbox mails and send and reply as accordingly. “Actually I do not have any problem in handling email, internet but the learnt-
things of computer should be applied practically. So, I am buying a computer in my house and will connect the internet facility there for updating me on political events and incidents across the world. This type of stimulation is only because of Jagaran Nepal, which is highly praiseworthy. Thank you Jagaran for your inspiring role in building
capacity of women political leaders”, she concludes.