Three district level 'Citizen Forum' Formed


Three district level 'Citizen Forum' has been formed under 'Electoral Education at Grassroots and District level for Democratic Governance (EEDG) project in Jumla, Kalikot and Dolpa districts respectively. Each of this forum comprises of twenty five inclusive members in each district including members from political parties, political parties' sister organizations, civil society, women networks, human rights groups, cultural and traditional potential leaders, District Bar Association and youth club. The members were also the participants of 7 days TOT training conducted as project activities on October 2012 in respective districts.  

Citizen forum organizes electoral education campaigns, provides awareness and civic education for local people who are far from the access of their entire human rights and electoral education. The forum advocates local nasty matters and works for the women, poor, dalits, minorities and socially marginalized groups to mainstream their issues at national level. It acts meaningfully for free, fair and fearless manner of election.