Training Manuals

Training Manuals:

For making the training more effective and result oriented, Jagaran Nepal has been publishing different training manuals based on women rights, peace and governance. 

The training manuals help to facilitate the trainers as well as the trainees to understand the subject matters easily and it eventually contributes to any of the trainings as a whole. Here are some of the training manuals; 

  • Women Rights, Election, Advocacy and Leadership Development , Training Material , Ashad 2070
  • Training Manual (Women Rights, Advocacy and Leadership Development), Ashad 2070
  • Training Manual (Electoral Education for Democratic Governance – EEDG Project) 2069
  • Conceptual Clarity Training Manual , Baisakh 2068
  • Program Manual (Domestic Violence and Gender Based Violence, National Plan of Action ), Conceptual Clarity Training , Falgun 2067
  • Reference Material- Proportionate Representation of Women in Politics (Assurance in Policy ), Jestha 2065
  • Reference Material (Human Rights, Women Rights, Gender Equality and Advocacy Training ), Shrawan 2064
  • Training Manual (Women Rights, Sustainable Peace and Governance), Chaitra 2061
  • Guideline for Training (Representation of Women in Politics  Capacity Development )
  • Awadharanagat Ishpatata talim karyakram nirdesika
  • Reference Book on Human Rights, Women Rights, Gender and Advocacy
  • Leadership Training Manual
  • Human Rights, Social Inclusion, Inclusive Democracy, Governance, Peace Building and Gender based  Training Manual