When I speak English all comrades speak English with me

Shanta Manavi, central committee member and vice president of Peasant Federation, CPN- UML belongs to Wangla VDC-5, Argakhachi district. She came into this world in the year 1946. She is armed with certificate level academic qualifications. She is a daughter of mother Bishnu Kumari and Father Pandit Pitambar Upadhaya. She got inspired from Marxist principle from her brother and comrade Puspa Lal Shrestha, when she was studying in Banaras. Under her chairpersonship, the women group established “Revolutionist Women Association” of five members in order to help the Nepalese women in Banaras in the year 1971. Likewise, she worked as Economic Secretary of Student Council and opened “Marxist Study Group” in Banaras. After returning back to Nepal in 1975, she involved as an activist against Panchayat system. Being involved in a lot of responsibilities given by her party from the year 1977, she served nation as a committed and sincere party member. 

She shares that due to the motivation of Jagaran Nepal English language course, I use to talk in English with my party comrades at party office and they even talk to me in English as well. “I might be wrong speaking in English but without hesitation I speak and it is duly because of the motivation, inspiration and supportive environment of Jagaran Nepal”, she says with mild smiles. My party comrades are surprised with my progress in English and they inspired me as well when I usually talk”, she reveals. “Moreover, I got opportunity to go to Bangladesh for a seminar, where all people were talking in English. At that time, I did not feel awkward but I tried to speak in English with the help of some other friend with them. That level of English has developed in me due to the program of Jagaran”, she elucidates.
“Similarly, being participated in Jagaran Nepal’s program, I got opportunity to know about food security, global warming, and challenges of federalism etc., which were further understood through browsing the internet myself. Due to Jagaran Nepal’s initiative hands on such endeavors, I am directly and indirectly benefited. I would like to acknowledge Jagaran Nepal for its splendid work on women political leaders.