Women’s Concern Issues’ Petition Submitted

On the occasion of 102nd International Women’s Day, Women in Policy Advocacy Alliance (WIPAA), a National level policy advocacy network along with its member organizations submitted a Petition on “Concern Issues of women to be ensured in new constitution” to the chairperson of constitutional committee of constituent assembly (CA) Nilambar Acharya on March 6, 2012. Jagaran Nepal is a lead organization of the network “WIPAA” and it has 12 member organizations from grassroots to central level working in the field of women’s economic, social, cultural and civil and political rights. The submitted concern issues include the proportional participation rights of women at all structures, women’s equal footing right to citizenship, fundamental economic, social, cultural and civil and political rights of women,  gender sensitive and friendly constitutional provisions and strong actions against violence and discrimination against women etc.  Similarly, the petition was submitted to the chairperson of public opinion collection committee on the same day.

 The submitted petition reads as: