Women's Economic Empowerment


Economic empowerment has bought real challenge throughout the world. It seems very hard to deal with this issue in the developing country like Nepal. In Nepal, as per Wikipedia, 2010 data shows that the percent of total population living under the poverty line of 1.25 USD is 24.82 percent and those that live under 2 USD is 57.25 percent of the population.
Somehow, Nepal is still in conflict transition position, eight years after the ten years civil unrest came to an end.
As we know that Government of Nepal and Civil Society organization have been launching various interventions to fight with poverty but till date the expected results has not been achieved. Yet, there is a need to bring about the change in this situation. In this regard, Jagaran Nepal implemented different programs to support for the economic empowerment of the women affected by the armed conflicts. It was aimed at contributing in conflict management and establishment of sustainable peace by enhancing the involvement of women, children and other marginalized and conflict affected group in empowerment as well as social development.For this, women were organized in group and provided necessary support to handle saving & credit and then provided necessary support to initiate key interventions for economic empowerment. Capacity building, skill development, linkage development and seed money support are some examples. The program in Kavre, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Dolakha, Ramechhap, Sindhupalchok, Sindhuli, Jhapa, Morang, and Sunsari districts gave the following achievements.

Major Achievements:

  • 2160 women have been directly benefitted with Saving and Credit activities in 72 Groups in which 5 women groups have registered women cooperatives while 40 others have join to local co operatives.
  • 1767 women engaged in women groups have been involving in income generation activities by getting loan from group and cooperatives.
  • 50 women groups have been conducting different programs on receiving local resources and utilizing that for economic empowerment of women.Untitled-TrueColor-12.jpg
  • Empowerment of 2160 women of 72 Women Groups through awareness trainings, skill trainings, workshops and interaction.
  • Women groups have been conducting different programs for economic development and capacity building searching the locally available resources and utilising them.