Women's Inclusive Participation in Politics


Though Nepalese women have larger population share than men but their role in the decision making process has been found very limited. A prosperous society without meaningful participation of the women in every sphere of the society is unimaginable. So, to increase the inclusive participation of the women in decision making process, Jagaran Nepal from its initiation phase has been conducting activities for capacity building of women, awareness raising along with the regular lobby, advocacy and pressurising activities with those at decision making level.

Now, Jagaran Nepal is recognized as a pioneer organization for ensuring political right of the women, as it has been working on the issue of inclusive participation of the women in politics since the day of its establishment. It has conducted different projects with the support of development partners (ESP/RDIF, UNIFEM, CARE, DCA) and initiated different activities mobilizing its own resources It has been carrying out lobby, advocacy and different empowerment program to ensure at least 33% women participation at different level of political parties and state mechanism. It has been contributing by conducting different programs for political empowerment of women to increase the meaningful participation of women in all decision making levels, to bring change in patriarchal mindset of society through awareness raising, increase access to national and international networks actively working in Women Rights as well as co ordination with such networks for the internationalisation of the issue. The achievements under this program are as follows:

Major Achievements:
  • Contributed in increasing women participation in politics 9.1% to 16% at central level as well as 9.5% to 22% at district level committees of the major political parties.
  • 2 participants of "Capacity Building for increasing the Participation of Women in Politics" contested as candidates under firstpast- the-post FPTP for the CA 2013. Bijaya Dhital of CPN-UML, Banke constituency no: 3 and Ambika Bista of CPN- ML from Kailali constituency no: 6.
  • 14 participants of the regional level training have been nominated under Proportional Representation (PR) from the major political parties like Nepali Congress, CPN- UML; Madhesh based political parties like Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum Nepal, Forum Lokatantrik, Ganatantrik etc.
  • Effective contribution in establishing a civil society women network named Collective Campaign (Nirwachanma Mahilako Samaan Sahabhagitaka Laagi Saajha Abhiyan ) consisting of major women networks, organizations, alliances and individuals for Policy advocacy on issue of ensuring at least 33% women participation. 
  • 52 leaders at central level, 300 leaders at district level and 2000 women leaders at grassroots level has become trainers in the issues like women rights, human rights, democratic governance, advocacy, leadership etc.
  • Mobilization of more than 50 media across the nation for advocacy and lobby on the issue of ensuring inclusive participation of women.
  • More than 1000 participants of 10 political parties, sister organizations, youth leaders, experts and other related stakeholders participating in more than 36 discussion and interactions at different period of time have given the commitment to advocate for taking social inclusion under consideration in their related political parties 
  • 462 youths have been directly benefitted by the series of interactions on "Role of Youths for Enhancing the Participation of Women in Politics".
  • 14 participants of Capacity Building for Increasing the Participation of Women in Politics have been listed in Proportionate list submitted by different Political Parties in Constitutional Assembly election 2070. Meanwhile, 52 women were able to be recommended from constituency level to central committee of their respective political parties.
  • Women have been working at different management committees such as Local Peace Committee, School Management Committee, Health Management Committee, Local Consumers Committee, Co operatives and others.