Women are capable to contribute in the policy making of the nation, not only in managing the household chores

Dr. Dila Sangraula has been associated with the Women in Politics program from the year 2063 B.S. Her journey as member of Nepal Women Wing Morang of Nepali Congress (the largest party in 2nd CA election) made her the Central Chairperson of the wing. Her success in political journey isn’t limited to this only as she has been selected as PR candidate in CA election 2013. But this isn’t the result of her small efforts. There are many helping hands behind her success. Among them, Jagaran Nepal is the one sharing this happiness with her as it got the opportunity to make her participate in many of the trainings with the support of Enabling State Program (ESP). Being the part of this program, she got the opportunity to participate in many of the Capacity Building trainings like-Women Rights, Leadership development, Gender analysis of Laws and Provisions and Training of Trainers (ToT). These led her to become a good trainer of Women in Politics, Leadership development, Women Rights, Lobby and Advocacy, She has developed her expertise as a Resource Person in many of the trainings conducted at Eastern Development Region.

Jagaran Nepal is much committed for the ensuring of at least 33% women representation of women in all state mechanism and others  provisioned by the state law. In this regard, Jagaran Nepal implemented “Capacity Development for Participation of Women in Politics” with the support of ESP in 11 districts for 7 years. In middle of 2013, this program was extended to 25 districts keeping the 2nd Constitutional Assembly election under consideration. This has not only contributed for women to be involved in politics but also enabled them to claim for their representation in portfolio and lobby for their participation in decision making levels.

Because of the Jagaran of Jagaran Nepal, presently, Manju Malasi, currently is Vice –Secretary of District committee of CPN-UML(2nd largest party in 2nd CA election) was an active district committee member of CPN-UML in Doti . She is also selected as PR candidate by CPN-UML like Dr Sangraula. 

They are not the only women to gain political achievement and height because of Jagaran Nepal's facilitation with support of ESP. Durga Jayanti Rai, is also the beneficiary of Jagaran Women in Politics (WIP) Project in Khotang who was CA member in CA 2008. In CA election 2013 she was the candidate contesting election from Khotang – 1 under FPTP but couldn’t get the success. Likewise, Ms Gyanu Gaire of Dadeldhura has become CA member in 2nd CA whereas, Ms Neera Jairu of Dadeldhura has been elected in the Central Committee of CPN UML from recently held 9th General Convention.

Not only to Himalyan and Hilly region, Jagran Nepal has made it journey to Terai as well. Ms Rajkumari Yadav is one such example who is Chairperson of Women Wing of Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum Nepal, She was highly enthusiastic  to participate in Capacity building training organized by Jagaran Nepal on Negotiation, advocacy and persuasive public speaking skills. She participated as a Resource Person in one day Orientation at the VDC level on Political Participation of Women. She shared her experience of gaining enough courage  to put her things in Radio program most importantly in the Party meetings being no less than her male counterparts. In her own words, Jagaran Nepal is a pioneer organisation working for political participation of women. The contribution of Jagaran Nepal is praiseworthy for bringing change in status of women lagging behind in politics, ideological knowledge as well as lack of inefficiency to take part in dialogue and discussions."

Jagaran Nepal has been carrying out different programs along with capacity building and awareness raising trainings. The above mentioned women were directly involved in programs carried out at different period of time.