Women Empowerment (WE)

Women Empowerment "WE" (Half Yearly English Bulletin)

'WE’ is a half yearly bulletin being published by Jagaran Nepal. It is a bulletin for women empowerment. It advocates for women’s human rights, women respectful self identity and integrity in the society, women leadership, women in politics, women in power and policies, women self reliance, youth women, women in partnership with men, women in development goals, women in decision making process, women in equitable society, and above all ‘WE’ is dedicated to all women who are voiceless. The voice of the voiceless women is ‘WE’. The bulletin’s intended focus group is district and central level people, especially the policy level ones. Thus, the policy level issues, recent top issues and the analysis of the same are incorporated in the publication. This publication has been started in the Year 2007 and throughout the year we have published different thematic topics of WE.