Women Rights, Empowerment and Advocacy


In regard to working in field of Women Rights, Jagaran Nepal has been much more in ensuring the proportionate representation of women in all levels of state mechanism, formulation of gender friendly plans and policies as well as in
their effective implementation conducting various programs for enhancing the capacity and empowerment of women at grassroots, district and centre levels. Meanwhile, it has been equally contributing with discussion,interaction and lobby advocacy initiatives for establishment of women rights and creating an opportunities for the effective utilization of such established rights. Jagaran Nepal thrives to bring changes in patriarchal mindset of the society and aims to build a prosperous Nepal by making nation, political parties, and civil society organisation inclusive. For this, it has been conducting Women Rights, Empowerment and Advocacy programs. For the establishment of women rights and empowerment of women it has been working in co ordination with national networks such as women groups at the local level, civil society organisations, other organisations and federation as well as with the international networks. Thus, in achievements gained in course of carrying out the advocacy initiatives at the central level as well as empowerment programs at different programs are listed as below:

Major Highlights:

  • Regular discussion, lobby and advocacy initiatives have been conducted by Jagaran Nepal itself and sometimes in coordination with other civil society organisations and to different networks for ensuring at least 33% women representation in all the state mechanism.
  • The capacity building, advocacy and lobby initiatives conducted by Jagaran Nepal hold a share in 17 % women participation central level committees of major political parties and 22 % women participation at the district level ( 9 % at the central level as well as 16% at the district level- according to Research conducted by Jagaran Nepal in 2006)
  • Many discussion, lobby and advocacy initiatives were taken by Jagaran Nepal on its own as well as with Common Campaign for ensuring proportionate representation of women in Constitutional Assembly election.
  • Regular lobby and advocacy conducted for effective implementation of provision for at least 33 % women representation in all state mechanism also more than 150 memorandums were prepared and submitted to political parties, Ministries, Constitutional Bodies as well as local government authorities.
  • 197 women members of 1st Constitutional Assembly were benefitted with the programs on economic, social and political rights of women related to Millennium Development Goals and contributed to address the women related issues remaining at different Thematic Committees and sub Committees.
  • Different advocacy initiatives were taken for formulation of Women Policy along with the effective implementation of existing women related laws in joint venture with Common Campaign.Pressurising activities have been conducted to concerned authorities for bring women friendly policies and budget accordingly after the review and analysis of Annual Plan Policies as well as Annual Budget of the Government.
  • Review and analysis of statute, laws, and bylaws, manifestos of major 10 political parties was done from inclusion and gender sensitive perspectives. Findings of the reviews were formulated into memorandum and Report of 36 point Recommendation related to economic, social, political, civic and cultural rights of women which were later submitted to the head of the political parties during the advocacy campaign to make their documents inclusive and gender friendly. This document is being used as Advocacy Document.
  • Memorandums have been submitted to the Political Parties during their General Convention for ensuring at least 33 % women representation in all the Central Committees of the party as well as all the levels of Party mechanism.
  • Solidarity been shown on behalf of the Civil Society Organisations in different programs organised by Unified Women Committee (Samyukta Sangarsha Samiti)- alliance of all the sister organisation of different political parties for ensuring proportionate representation of women in politics.
    Note: Unified Women Committee- A common advocacy forum of sister organisations of different political parties.
  • In order to facilitate the access of Women in Communication, Women Leaders have been given the platform to keep their views as being invited as a Guest Speaker in Radio and Television programs- Media Advocacy.
  • Contributing in Regular lobby advocacy for increasing the participation of women in politics with report preparation – being used as Advocacy tool done after the analysis of status of women in other countries as well as the provision there for increasing the participation.
  • Celebrated different national and international days.