Workshop on Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Status Report : Role of Men & Youth

With the slogan " Leave No One Behind : End Violence Against Women and Girls" one day workshop was jointly organized by by MenEngage Alliance Nepal and Jagaran Nepal on 17th  December, 2017 in Union House, Anamnagar  with the support of DCA under WoRLD Project ( Women's Representation and Leadership Development Project).  The program was organized as a part of 16 days of activism against gender based violence campaigning with an objective to discuss on importance of Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and situation of  Universal Periodic  Review (UPR) Status Report focusing on the  role of Men & Youth in reducing the discrimination of women.

The program highlighted on the importance of CEDAW and UPR and its  achievements. The discussions were made regarding how the status report are prepared along with the implementation status. Similarly, the role of CSO's in preparing the report and its importance in the legal arena both  national and international in terms of human rights were also discussed in the workshop.

The presentation were made by experts Advocate Ms. Mira Dhungana and Ms. Samjha Shrestha. Ms. Dhungana highlighted on the importance of CEDAW and its 12 thematic issues along with the procedures on CEDAW status report.  Similarly, Ms. Shrestha presented on the importance of UPR and the roles and duties of 193 nations in its implementation. The discussions took place on the status of CEDAW and UPR and the accomplishments made so far regarding the reports. After presentation, Mr. Kapil Kafle, South Asian(Regional) Coordinator of MenEngage Alliance Nepal,   highlighted on the reason behind the formation of MenEngage Alliance after which he played a mediator role for group discussion on the role of men in reducing the discrimination on women.  Few participants made queries on the discussions and suggestions and way forward were also discussed.

A total of 45 participants participated in the program including young women and men , representatives of different organizations, various youth network members, CSO's representative and government officials. The program began with welcome remarks and objective sharing by Ms. Meena Bista, Manager of Jagaran Nepal and Mr. Krishna Thapa, Coordinator of MenEngage Alliance Nepal. The program was chaired by Ms. Mira Dhakal, Secretary of Jagaran Nepal in the presence of the  chief guest  Mr. Tulsi Ram Sedai, Secretary of National Women Commission.